Tariq KRIM

Tariq KRIM

I am a writer, tech entrepreneur and inventor based in Paris. I have helped create Web 2.0. Now, I am working to make the Internet a nicer place to live. You can visit my French Blog.

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Tariq Krim has been on a journey tackling fundamental problems about our online life

Tariq KRIM is one of Europe's strongest advocates for an ethical European Tech alternative. Founder of Netvibes, a company that placed France and Europe on the technological map while kickstarting the Web 2.0 revolution. Because of his strong interest in art, digital anthropology, and social changes, his peers have nicknamed him "the tech philosopher."

Mr. Krim is now cast as a paragon of Europe's new generation of Internet entrepreneurs.
The Economist

Tariq is one of the initiators of the Slow Web Movement and has recently founded Polite, a self-sovereignty platform, helping users regain control over their personal content.

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Tariq has a passion for building highly disruptive consumer products. He founded and was CEO of Jolicloud, a pioneer in cloud-based computers and previously founded Netvibes, the personal Startpage used and loved by millions of users worldwide.

Tariq has been an advisor to the French Government on technology, the influence behind the decision to create the eG8, the first digital G8 led by President Sarkozy, he was also a Vice president of the Digital National Council under president Hollande. His report on digital talents for the Prime Minister was instrumental in the creation of ‘La French Tech‘.

In 2007 he was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the world's "Top Innovators Under 35" and in 2008 by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. In 2011, he was honoured by the Ministry of Culture as "Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters." Tariq was elevated to the rank of Officer in 2019.

As an early computer hacker and former journalist, Tariq has been a reference of online cultures since the early 80s.

He graduated from the University of Paris VII Jussieu, ENST (Telecom ParisTech), and the Harvard Kennedy School.

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